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If it's in the news we can talk about it.
Count on us for great airtime conversations on topics such as:

1. Morality and traditional values vs. PC
2. Terrorism both in the family and in the world
3. Sex: addictions, hooking up, pedophilia and how to find a life partner
4. Relationships: in school, family and in the work place
5. Politics: lies and why they work and don't work in election campaigns
6. Financial: why the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. The stock market and people's spending habits.
7. Careers, jobs and business: How to get the right job for your personality.
8. School bullying: Why it is happening more today than in years past.
9. Violence and children: how to get people to stop the cycle of violence in the family.
10. Food/Diets:How to pick the right food for your happy personality and how to get rid of the unhappy personality in you.
11. Fat: why Americans are overweight and why the population was not in the years prior to 1960's

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