"Unraveling Your Past To
Get Into the Present"


"The Answer to Sun Tzu"

Dr. Paulette Renee Broqueville

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   Paulette Renee Broqueville

A writer/philosopher who has written the following books:
The Answer to Sun Tzu Series
Unraveling Your Past to Get Into the Present Series
Gentle Breeze and Running Water Series

She has devoted her life to helping people get over physical and emotional pain to free their souls from all thought patterns that prevent simple happiness in everyday life. Her writing is about how she has met and handled adversity in her life and how she is able to maintain happiness and peace. The writing is fulfilling her purpose for living which is to help you get over your past whether it is past past or recent past to start living a happy life as the soul in the present. To sum it up her books are just plain common sense.

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